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Solar Park Developer

Through my contacts in Europe I have access to solar projects (completed and to be built) in Germany, Italy and Eastern Europe as well as with EPC contractors and solar consultants in these countries.

Much of the information in this web site draws from the experience and advice of the solar consultants, bankers, investors, suppliers and installers we work with.

If you are interested in exploring how you can participate as a project owner or supplier, please visit our section on Solar Bus Opps.

Web Publishing

Alchemie Limited Inc. owns and operates this web site, and is solely responsible for its content.

Additionally, Alchemie Limited Inc., publishes the following blogs:

Solar Energy News and Views. Here we comb through the daily solar industry news, solar forums, professional solar newsletters, and inquiries from our readers to find interesting articles about what is happening in the solar industry, new solar research, solar industry trends, track financial incentives, and key developments for leading solar panel manufacturers - including their stock price movements. This information is sorted by country, manufacturer, type of solar technology, and other useful keywords.

Alchemie Health This is a new blog started in January 2011. It features articles designed for people who want to take responsibility for their own health and are interested in health related issues.

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