Solar Cooking is Easy, Inexpensive and Can Save Lives

Solar cooking is a great alternative to wood cooking.

While we worry about our relatively comfortable lives, half the world still cooks with firewood and this causes a lot of unnecessary health risks and environmental problems.

Problems with Wood Cooking

1. It leads to deforestation - and many places are running out of trees.

2. Gathering firewood consumes huge amounts of time and human energy.

3. Tending the fires (women's work) creates lung diseases, which are believed to contribute to the deaths of upwards of 2 million women and children a year.

Can you do something about this problem?

Yes you can. Watch this video for more information.

Cooking with Solar Energy Is Not Just for the Developing World

Using a solar cooker is inexpensive, can be done anywhere and is a great way to get family and friends to see an immediate benefit of solar energy – not to mention share a wonderful solar cooked meal.

There are a number of solar cookers you can acquire very inexpensively, or you can you can build your own. As you can see in the video … the basic design involves reflecting the sun's rays onto a dark pot.

Taking a portable solar cooker is a great way to do your cooking when you are in your backyard, out at the park, going camping, in your RV and so many other places.

As the saying goes – try it – you'll like it!!

Useful Solar Cooking Links and Advice

Information, pictures, links and many plans for building different kinds of solar ovens.

Cook with the Sun Imagine cooking almost any food using only the concentrated heat of the sun! FREE ENERGY!! Practical tips from an experience solar cook.

Cooking with solar energy, food drying and solar stills – includes lots of links to other good sites about solar cooking, including several good DIY sites.

Solar Cookers World Network There are literally hundreds of recipes of what you can make with a solar cooker and lots of photos too.

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