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SiteSell Inc. has empowered tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses to build money-making web sites – for one simple reason:satisfied customer referrals.

What is the difference between building an e-business and putting up a regular site or blog?

The results.

You need the correct process and the tools to execute.

As one of the pioneers of Internet Marketing in the 1980's – I think it is the most complete and best system for small business people and independent minded folk of all age.

If you've been thinking about creating a new source of income for yourself – then do what I did, use Sitesell as the foundation of your internet business – and be sure to take advantage of the Christmas Promo. That way you get two complete packages for the price of one (believe me – once you get into it you'll see the benefit of having more than one site).

As you can tell from reading the articles I've posted on this website – I advocate knowing the facts and consulting with experts for good advice before spending your money and time – so let me share my own research and experiences with you that led me to choose Sitesell to power my web business.

Feel free at any point to skip ahead– or click on any of the links I've provided below to get into the details yourself.

Also keep in mind – that you can pay by the month – while test driving Sitesell and get a full refund any time within 90 days of your purchase.

Are you a Newbie?

A newbie in this case means someone who isn't already involved in internet publishing / internet marketing.

No problem – Sitesell has the most complete set of training videos, ebooks and help prompts for every single thing you need to do … and if you want more hands on assistance you can also sign up for SBI! eLearning, which is designed for folks who prefer to take SBI! as a course from home... or anywhere – while they are building their own web site. Learn more.

In fact the Sitesell system (training, software, analytical tools, user forum, online and telephone support is so comprehensive, several US Universities give you college credit for taking SBI eLearning.

The Sitesell approach of providing lots of facts and advice helped inspired me when I named this web site – Solar Facts and Advice.

They have so much information – they give you a 90 day back money guarantee – because frankly they provide so much information it takes a while to go through it.

Not sure what your website should be about? No problem. Most people still don't realize that their hobbies and life skills can generate a solid income on the Web Learn More

Just about everyone's dream is a job that they can do at home. No commute, no bosses, and a chance to work in your 'jamees. Well maybe not. This page emotionally connects with anyone looking for a new life and new possibilities... moms, retirees, people with health problems, and anyone looking for a job they can do from home. SBI! has the power to deliver on this dream. Learn More


If you are already publishing a website, blog and are already knowledgeable about making money on the internet – then you already know how important the following are to being successful:

1. A Plan That Works:

I'm a big believer in planning. In fact, I made my living for many years developing business plans for businesses, teaching strategic planning and evaluating other's people's plans to determine which ones are worth investing in. So if I'm going to start an internet business – I personally think there is a lot to be said for having a solid plan – one that can be implemented.

SBI! has probably the best internet business building plan I've seen in the business. In fact, it is so good – many SBI customers now teach college level classes on how to build an internet business using the SBI! provided materials. Learn more.

No matter what any "internet guru" tells you – building an internet business requires a plan, skills and knowledge and the willingness to invest the time to implement the plan in order to be successful. It's all very learnable stuff.

To get an overview of the plan – click here

2. Coaching & Support:

Here's what's so cool – you get a video overview, more detail in the .pdf version of what to do. There's a really great user forum – with tons of valuable feedback, practical advice, online help – from other SBI Website owners. There's also a help desk with email or live help … or for some tasks you can have someone do it for you. Whatever help you need – it's there. Personally, I like that – because there are lots of ways to learn – and some work better for certain tasks than others.

You won't believe until you try it – but the Sitesell Forum is truly awesome and full of all kinds of valuable information and help. You can ask for feedback at any step in the process … and will be pleasantly surprised by the valuable feedback and suggestions you'll get.

Some Internet Gurus charge thousands for their seminars, or monthly fees to sign up for their online coaching … all good no doubt. With Sitesell – there is no extra charge for this. But they do ask you to "pay it forward" by offering to provide your feedback in areas where you can.

3. Niche Selection:

What makes the internet so useful – is the content. More than half of the searches done on Google are unique … or as sometimes referred to in the internet community as long tail searches.

Providing the information to these targeted niches is what internet marketing is all about and where you can make good money. It all starts with picking the right niche – something that people are interested in and spending money on.

The key to making money on the internet is picking the right niche – and let me give you a tip right off – this is a lot more than picking the right keyword.

Nobody has the powerful niche selection, brainstorming, and other tools that Sitesell has to help you out with making the right choice Learn More.

4. Should You Blog or Build A Web Site? :

Only 0.2% of web searches find information on blogs. So unless you want to spend all your time keeping the traffic coming – a Theme-Based Content Site serves your visitors better, builds more long-term targeted traffic, and monetizes greater than a blog. Learn More

5. Building Website Pages:

You can use the Blockbuilder that Sitesell provides (which is what I use) – because it has great analytical tools to optimize the ranking of the page, or you can use a number of programs to create your own web pages and integrate them with Sitesell.

When it comes to Tools to make money on the Internet – Sitesell really offers a lot. Learn More.

6. Free Traffic:

The foundation of Sitesell's approach to internet marketing is provide valuable content ("C"), that attracts traffic ("T") from the search engines. The quality of the information and the value of the advice, tips, experience of the web publisher help establish trust and confidence ("P") then can then be converted into money through relevant recommendations ("M"onetization).

CTPM is so darn logical that it just makes sense. More than 10 years into e-business, most people don't understand the fundamental reality of how it works. They put up sites and wonder why they don't get traffic. Learn What Works – every day!!

The proof is in the results of Sitesell users (more than 62% of Sitesell customers are in the top 3% (or higher) of all websites). Take The Alexa Test

But search traffic is just part of what you learn with Sitesell – just about anything that any "internet guru" is asking you to pay for is already explained in the training you get from Sitesell – things like social marketing, viral marketing, article writing, list building, link building (they even have a service to do this for you!!),

7. Monetization:

There's also a lot of information and examples of how you can make money from your site – starting with the obvious "Google adsense" that I use … and expanding into a variety of other ways – in fact there is a whole "monetization center" you can use to generate new sources of income.

One of the most popular and profitable for a lot of people is to leverage your website expertise into becoming a Finder or Affiliate.

My personal recommendation – use Sitesell as a base … and follow their advice. If you are of a mind and want to invest more money – you can try a few of the SEO strategies that are readily available and integrate them into your plan to push your results higher … but it's not really necessary. Sitesell is pretty much all you need to be successful.

The Promise and the Risk of SEO Solutions

If you're like me – you get scores of emails and tweets every day promising me I can make tons of money in internet marketing if buy their book, video training course, sign up for a mentoring service, buy software, etc.

It all looks and sounds so good – but you have to ask yourself – why do most of the people who are selling these products usually tell the same story – about how they spent a lot of time and money before they learned what worked.

That to me is a tip off – that there's a good chance this stuff isn't any different and probably you won't come close to hitting the kind of results they are advertising.

It's nice that the promoter made a lot of money – but I'm guessing he made most of it by selling his own products – not by doing what his own program recommends.

So … I like to look to see if they provide testimonials from people who've bought their product and who actually achieved the results they are promising. A lot of the time the promoter is talking about his results – not those of his customers.

Then I check to see – over what period of time did people get these results. Was this a promo that worked for a few weeks – or was this a sustainable business model that kept producing results – month after month? Are the people still using the product?

Is it possible to get a "test run" before paying any money … or can I check with any of these customers to see what results they achieved – i.e., did they include their website address, email or something that could be verified? Like Sitesell customers? Probably not.

Some of the stuff out there is probably pretty good and does create good results – but which ones? I haven't counted – but looking through the affiliate marketing links for internet marketing there must be a couple of hundred products, services, software being sold – who has the time or the money to buy it all … or wade through all this sales information to find what to get?

If you have done this and found something that works – please let me know.

Meanwhile – let me tell you about what's working for me and hundreds of others.

To Learn More about SiteSell

The best overall introduction to Solo Build It! and SiteSell, you can't go wrong by visiting the Sitesell Home Page

Prefer a more in-depth Video explanation? Take the The SBI! 2.0 Video Tour

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My Experiences with Sitesell

About two years ago I built a simple website for the renewable energy company – ReOil Holding AG. We just wanted a presence on the web for when investors, vendors and others wanted some information about the company.

I just followed the Sitesell directions – built a few pages and pretty much forgot about it. Then an interesting thing started happening – it started helping us grow our business.

So I started to make add a few more pages and did a little experimenting. I learned how easy it was to do what I wanted to, publish some information about who we are and what we are doing – and namely help build some awareness for our renewable energy company.

I then started a solar news & views blog to start keeping track of the news that impacted on the solar projects ReOil was working on.

However, I learned that organizing the information by date it was published wasn't very efficient – and so I thought it might be useful for me to start building a database of some of the information I was collecting about solar energy concepts, terminology, solar cell and technologies, manufacturers, industry trends, solar research, and much more (only a fraction of which I've added to the site in 2010 so far).

Because of what I learned from building the ReOil website – I then had the confidence to try and build an even larger site, this time for my other company Alchemie Limited Inc..

My primary objective in developing this site and another site I build using SBI! – was to identify opportunities and build credibility for my renewable energy company in the solar industry – so we could build commercial solar projects in Germany and Italy.

I'm happy to say – that this is already happening with our first 1 MW project in Italy, which we will start construction on in December, 2010 (with 2.4 MW more planned for early next year) … and the signing up of a major German Cooperative to provide large amounts of money for other projects we will be starting in 2011.

My secondary objective (besides increasing my own knowledge – which you have to do in order to write good articles people want to read) was to make some extra money to cover the cost of the website – and make it possible for me to go to some solar trade shows, etc. I'm happy to say I'm well on my way to meeting this objective too … even though I'm still in the very early days of developing this site and I expect to be so much more in the near future.

My third objective in developing this site … was to give me something I could work on anywhere – anytime – and continue doing even after I stopped working full time (since I turned 63 this year). I've been interested in computers since the late 1950's and so the idea of developing and running a personal internet marketing site was a natural choice for me and I find I really like doing the research and getting into the details of internet marketing. Even the writing is getting easier – the more I do of it.

As an experienced entrepreneur – I knew I would need to invest a fair amount of time and effort in research to develop the content and to learn the "how to's" to actually build this site as well as the ins and outs of modern internet marketing – and since I knew I was going to be in this for the long term – I wanted a solid foundation, and so after careful research I chose the most complete solution I could find, namely SBI! By Sitesell.

If you follow the advice of Sitesell – I'm confident you will have excellent results too.

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