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I believe everyone should support solar energy and its many benefits. As you've learned on this site, there are a lot of positive reasons for using solar energy.

Plus there are lots of ways to benefit from solar energy - whether you want to reduce your utility costs, make money, have more freedom to do what you want, or want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Solar Energy is clean, breathtakingly abundant, and is a reasonable resource to meet much of the world's energy needs as well as a fundamental need of your body for Vitamin D.

Harnessing the same sunlight that has kept the earth warm for eons, we can finally achieve a more sustainable balance with nature as humanity advances and finds new, cleaner, and more efficient means of meeting its energy needs.

If you want to help spread awareness about solar energy, you can help others by any / all of the following ways.


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Every link is appreciated - it's free and easy to do, and by creating more links on the web – more people can find us and get the solar facts and advice they need to start receiving the benefits of better, brighter, healthier, energy self-sufficient and cleaner world.

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A great way to support solar energy and to share the facts and advice we provide is with Facebook. All it takes is one click to get started.

Step 1: Click "Like" on our facebook page (shown on the right column).

Step 2: Suggest to friends that they visit and "like" our Facebook Fan Page and of course read the articles we're posting and joining in discussions about solar energy, the benefits, issues and how to personally realize the benefits.

Step 3: Join in the dialogue, post comments,

Step 4: Share articles and information


Another way to support solar energy is to follow our site blog. It's simple. Just visit our blog and and click on "follow" or "share" at the top of the blog, or on the left side of the blog.

Also be sure to follow our Solar News & Views Blog and click on the subscribe button (right side menu option on the blog page).

We also encourage you to participate in our surveys, leave comments, and contact us directly.


If you are politically minded - I recommend you visit our outside resources page and click the link on the section marked US Solar Markets Map. There you'll find a breakdown by state and even county of the demand and opportunity for solar energy - along with contact information for you to contact your local politician and voice your support for legislation to boost support of solar energy in your local area.

If you wonder whether or not such efforts can really have an effect, then you might want to read the story about Kurt Newick, a Sierra Club volunteer who's work to reduce solar permitting fees led to new new laws being enacted in California.


First off – let me thank you again for taking the time to read this site, and sharing our information with your friends. I sincerely hope our site will help you realize some of the many benefits of solar energy in your life.

We can all benefit from the sun. In fact, I strongly believe that the best thing we can do as humans is to learn to use the sun even more than we already are – as the benefits are so substantial – better health, greater access to energy, prosperity, cleaner environment, and a better quality of life for everybody.

But the process of collecting and sharing the information about all the different ways this can be done, and all the issues involved is more than one person or company can do and I hope you will join me in contributing articles, commenting on our fan page, identifying information that we can share with others, reporting on what is going on in your area, and of course sharing your own experiences.

If enough of us get involved – we can make the world a better place for all of us.

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