SunPower Solar Cells – The Most Efficient

On Jun 28, 2010 SunPower announced it had produced a full-scale solar cell with a sunlight to electricity conversion efficiency of 24.2 percent at its manufacturing plant in the Philippines.

This is a new world record for solar cell efficiency, confirmed by the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), for large area monocrystalline silicon cells.

"This new world record demonstrates our ability to extend our lead in manufacturing the world's highest efficiency solar cells," said Bill Mulligan, vice president of technology and development. "Our patented and proprietary, high-efficiency solar cell technology drives down the cost of solar energy by increasing the energy production from each solar panel."

The Company's research & development and engineering teams have increased cell efficiency by a full four percentage points over the last five years while radically driving down manufacturing costs.

In the following video by company spokesperson Dr. Swanson, talks about the theoretical maximum efficiency possible for silicon solar cells and the Company's dual strategies of maximizing performance and decreasing production costs.

SunPower Signature Black™ Panels

The Company's solar panels have the highest efficiency rating of all solar panels currently on the market,. Not only are they the most powerful and efficient, they’re also the best-looking as they have no grid lines as can be seen in the Company's photo comparison.

Inverters and Monitors

Unlike other Solar Panel manufacturers, the Company also sells inverters and monitors that go along with their solar panels. More information about this in upcoming sections of this website.

For More Information

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