How to Make Money with Solar Investments

This section on Solar Investments is dedicated to those readers who want to make money from solar energy and solar energy companies.

Here is an overview of some of the opportunities you might want to consider:

Solar Ownership

An obvious way to make money from solar energy is to purchase and install either a solar thermal (hot water) or solar panel system (electricity) on your own property.

Or you can invest into a solar partnership and own a piece of a much larger commercial sized project. For example, we combine FIT eligible and Bank Financeable solar projects and cogeneration projects to provide annual cash flow returns that are currently much higher than you can get from banks, bonds, the stock market, real estate or most other investments.

NOTE: If you would like to learn more about what opportunities are currently available Contact Us and tell me what you are interested in.

There are numerous such opportunities available on a private investment basis – especially in Europe and increasingly in the USA -- and we will be identifying these on this site as information becomes available.

Direct Stock Investing

For those who aren't ready or able to commit to a direct investment in a solar system on your property, you might want to consider the advantage of solar investments in publicly traded solar companies.

Direct stock investing consists of purchasing shares of publicly listed companies and selling them for a profit at a future date. Sometimes this can be an excellent way to make money – even in short periods of time.

For example: First Solar (FSLR) – (up 4,685%) and Trina Solar (TSL) – (up 1,774%) during 2010 have both had good years – and investors who got in early are no doubt very happy they did so.

Three other firms: LDK Solar (LDK), Canadian Solar (CSIQ) and Energy Conversion Devices (ENER) saw their shares increase by more than 100% ytd in 2010 as well.

Some early stage companies that haven't even started selling their products – like New Energy Technologies (NENE), which we identified on this site - are flying under the radar and are also having a good year.

However, as market conditions changed - many PV mnaufacturers stocks lost money (you can also make money by selling short in such markets) – so obviously it helps to have good information about what is going on in the market and make good choices, which is what we aim to help you do with this site.

To learn more about this subject including receiving valuable information to help you make money from your investment Click Here.

Also be sure to read our Solar News & Views Blog and especially our section on PV Market Forecasts.

Solar Business Opportunities

Alternatively, you may want to considering setting up your own solar company. The use of solar energy and solar products is exploding and for those of you with an entrepreneurial orientation now is a great time to consider starting your own solar business.

To learn why starting your own business or partnering up with other people can be one of the most rewarding solar investmentsClick Here to read more - including ideas for 20 Solar Business Opportunities

Angel Investing

All companies start out as privately owned ventures … and are founded with money from the founders and their friends. As the business grows most companies will need additional capital.

The biggest source of this capital comes from private parties known as Angel Investors (USA) or Business Angels (EU).

A lot of money can be made by working with start-up and early stage companies – in fact it is one of best ways to become rich. But it also involves a high degree of risk – as most new companies will not survive.

One of the objectives of this web site is to identify good solar investment opportunities in new companies and projects for private investors and to match solar entrepreneurs and Angel Investors.

To learn more about this subject and get free access to valuable information about privately offered solar investment opportunities (including those deals submitted by our readers) Click Here.

Solar Careers

Thinking about what to study in College? Or thinking about switching careers? I recommend considering a career in the Solar Industry.

The Solar Industry has been expanding and hiring tens of thousands of people in these depressed times and the consensus is that the industry is really just getting started and will grow quickly for the foreseeable future.

To get more information about where the needs and opportunities are, as well as access to free resources and information click here

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