Sun Catalytix Receives $13.5 Million to Commercialize Personalized Energy Solution

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dan Nocera talks about Sun Catalytix Corporation, the company that's producing the next generation of solar energy. He recently discovered an inexpensive way to power homes and transportation by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen with the Sun.

Perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of his concept is that of "Personalized Energy," where each individual would produce the energy that they require, rather than relying upon a vast electrical grid or on any of the toxic and quickly depleting fossil fuel resources currently in use.

Company Receives $4 Million from DOE

To develop his discovery, he was given a $4 million grant through the Advanced Research Project Agency and the Department of Energy via the Recovery Act.

President Obama and his Administration may not be popular at the moment but their support of this forward-thinking model of energy independence may well be the best decision made by a sitting US Government in a long, long time.

Video Shows How it Will Work

$9.5 Million More Funding

(December, 2010) Sun Catalytix Corporation, an energy storage and renewable fuels company announced the completion of its $9.5 million Series B Funding Round led by Tata Limited (Tata), with participation from existing investor Polaris Venture Partners as well as other investors. The funds raised in this financing will support continued development of the company’s break-through catalyst technology. Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, has joined the the Company's board as a representative of Tata.

“The funding secured in this round will enable Sun Catalytix to continue to move its technology forward and to deliver prototypes,” said MIT Professor and Sun Catalytix Founder Daniel Nocera. “We are delighted to have attracted Tata, a global and visionary company, as an investor and to have the continuing strong support of Polaris Venture Partners.”

The Company's technology utilizes innovative catalysts made of earth-abundant elements that split water and generate hydrogen and oxygen from water and renewably-generated electricity in benign and simple operating conditions.

By eliminating expensive precious metals and substantially reducing balance of plant costs, this technology promises to enable the conversion of electrical, solar or wind energy to storable energy at transformative cost targets.

Sun Catalytix systems target the generation of hydrogen from water at significantly lower costs for industrial applications, for energy storage, and for use as a renewable fuel through internal combustion engines or fuel cells.

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